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In the summer of 2016, 17 year old Kelvin Peña found viral internet fame after befriending and feeding a group of deer in his backyard. This short documentary follows him days after acquiring his newfound fame and tells the unique story about his Deer Squad. Kelvin crosses up Canela in b-ball and feeds powdered donuts to Money while cruising through his neighborhood always on the lookout for new squad members. Kelvin treats everyone equally, whether they are human or deer and he has since started the Everybody Eats Foundation.

Deer Squad was selected into Sundance 2017. Among many shout-outs Kelvin has been retweeted by Gucci Mane and Young Thug sings “I’m in the backyard feeding deers,” in his 2017 track titled “All Da Smoke”.

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ADditional festivals

Deer Squad has also screened at Rooftop Film Festival, True/False Film Festival, The Philadelphia Film Festival, etc.


While at Sundance, the Deer Squad crew got into a scuffle over credentials.